Keeping the Machinery and Artillery Up to Date

As company manufacturing petroleum-based products, including petroleum jelly and lubricants, we, at Taurus Petroleums are also the most recommended Gun oil OX-52 Manufacturer.

The utility of Gun Oil Manifold

Among the best defence lubricants India has come across, Gun Oil OX 52 is a top choice. Not just for cleaning and oiling up the rifles, but even ensuring anti-rusting of these defence equipment is possible with this oil.

We take pride in being the top choice among those in the artillery regiments across the country who have to clean up and keep the rifles and other equipment of war agile.

In order to keep the weapons and machinery ready, they must get regular cleaning up and polish. It will not help to use plain oil or grease since that might add a poor coat and only reduce its effectiveness as a whole.

Our Most Effective Solution in hand:

The Gun Oil is a tested product that increases the life-span, and that allows the guns to function at all times with ease. The government has specifically given a SDS featuring the requirements that we follow in manufacturing our gun oil. Our clients seek this product and find it to be perfect for various other applications as well.


Defence Lubricants


Defence Lubricants
Gun Oil Image

Gun Oil

Owing to our expertise in this domain, we are engaged in providing a supreme quality Gun Oils. The offered oils are processed using optimum quality chemical compounds and modern technology. Used in guns ,automotive, forging and machining industries, these oils are highly praised among clients for... Read More

OC Compounded Oils Image

OC Compounded Oils

Blends of mineral and vegetable oils only.

OEP Extreme Pressure Oils Image

OEP Extreme Pressure Oils

Gear oils containing additives which enhance their ability to withstand extreme gear tooth pressures.

OM Mineral Oils Image

OM Mineral Oils

Straight mineral oils or those containing additives intended to improve their performance.

OMD Heavy-duty Engine Oils Image

OMD Heavy-duty Engine Oils

Mineral oil and synthesized hydrocarbon based lubricants containing detergent or dispersant additives primarily designed for use in internal combustion engines.

OX Fluids Image

OX Fluids

Specialised mineral oil and systhetic fluid based lubricants, hydraulic fluids and damping fluids not covered by other designations and may contain water/glycol.

XG Greases Image

XG Greases

Greases made using thickeners such as those based on calcium, clay or lithium. They may be based on mineral oils, vegetable oils or synthetic fluids and can contain additives such as solid lubricants to improve their performance.

ZX Specialities Image

ZX Specialities

Lubricants, damping fluids and compounds designed for specific applications.

PX Corrosion Preventives Image

PX Corrosion Preventives

Corrosion preventatives used primarily for the prevention of corrosion to metal equipment and are easily removable.

AL Fluids Image

AL Fluids

Fluids used for engine thrust augmentation, anti-freeze protection, de-icing, cooling, cleaning or similar miscellaneous applyter soluble.