TAURUS is an established name in the Indian Petroleum Scene, and today ranks amongst the Country's leading MANUFACTURERS & EXPORTERS of Lubricants and Specialities confirming to high quality standards.

TAURUS has the most modern facilities and infrastructure at its plant which uses sophisticated technology & quality control equipments to produce an impressive range of PREMIUM QUALITY products, AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL LUBRICATING OILS, BRAKE FLUIDS, COOLANTS, WAXES, GREASES, BITUMEN, RUBBER PROCESS OILS, JELLIES AND OTHER PETROLEUM SPECIALITIES.

TAURUS's products meet the most stringent requirements of the customers. Liberalisation and Global operations in which parameters of quality, delivery, customer satisfaction and other operating factors are indicators of success.

A significant fact and a matter of the justifiable pride is that all TAURUS products confirm to the highest quality MEETING NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS .

TAURUS's products are sold through a nationwide network. TAURUS's own Representatives are stationed over major centers, backed by a highly competent before-and-after sales service team, which provides accurate technical information for selecting the right type of product.

TAURUS then is "blending excellence" transformed into "TOTAL RELIABILITY". It has earned country wide reputation for its products, an enviable track record of consistently high performance in service everywhere