Improving the Driving experience with Brake Fluids

High on Performance and Effectiveness
Taurus Petroleums produces and supplies related to automobile industry. Our primary line of products has petroleum base. We know the value of a sound product like ours in the market. So, we stick to our roots and our disciplined measures to ensure that all our products find its way to the quality testing departments before they reach the market. Hence, we are the most preferred automotive lubricants manufacturers in India.

Dynamic Variety Combined with Innovation:
We, at Taurus Petroleum, believe that in order to stay on top of our league with our finest quality automotive lubricants.

  • Brake Oil India DOT 3 is our product that gives support and allows the force to become the pressure in the hydraulic clutches to take the vehicle forward.
  • Brake Fluid manufacturer DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 are the variants of Brake fluids from our factory that are in rage and that meet all the set standards of the industry.
  • Brake Fluid Africa, Dubai, India based are the top choice of our clients globally.

Besides our top of the range brake fluid, we, at Taurus Petroleums also specialize in offering Petrol engine oil, diesel engine oil, gear oil and other such lubricants.



Specification :

  • It is a superior quality fluid for hydraulic brakes of modern Automotive equipment. Possesses high thermal & excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, good water tolerance and fluidity.
  • Essentially meets: Dot 3 , 4 & 5 SAE J 1703 Type.