The Versatile Cure for All

Petroleum jelly is our top of the line product that is the talk of the town. We have our clientele talking high of our keen lookout for precision and quantity while offering high-quality yellow, white petroleum jelly.

The Amazing World of Petroleum Jelly

While we take steps to ensure that all of our products make the cut and reach out to our clients worldwide, our petroleum jelly range remains the prerogative product.

Using advanced machinery, the multi-hydrocarbon form of petroleum jellies gets the yellow and light coloration. While its discovery was more of an accident, the jelly is a much-preferred form of petroleum that gets thumbs up from those who use it for healing cuts and abrasions.

White Petroleum Jelly:

At Taurus Petroleums, we ensure that we stick to industry standards while getting the multi-hydrocarbons to form and come up with the pure and white jelly. The semi-solid composition is just right for its use in medicinal and cosmetic industries and applications universally.

Yellow Petroleum Jelly:

This paraffin jelly also has its use in the cosmetic and drug industries.

With many other uses and handy applications, the petroleum jelly is the finest of products that have made Taurus Petroleums proud.


Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly
White Petroleum Jelly Image
White Petroleum Jelly
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Yellow Petroleum Jelly Image
Yellow Petroleum Jelly
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SOFJELIN Petroleum Jelly Image
SOFJELIN Petroleum Jelly
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